Cleaning and Maintenance Schedule

The Little Learners Group is a family owned and run business which originated with Yass Little Learners  in the township of Yass NSW.  In a very short period of time, the Little Learners Group of Early Learning Centres has become extremely popular with the local communities; one of the reasons for the popularity of our centres is our philosophy of:  Nurture – Inspire – Achieve.  Through this philosophy, a fundamental goal of The Little Learners Group is to prepare our children for “Big School”.

To assist this process and to ensure the continual flow of our “school and Extra-curricular” activities, the Little Learners Group has an extensive Maintenance and cleanliness program across all of our centres.

Apart from the daily and weekly cleaning of all rooms/bathrooms, equipment, toys, teaching aids, and ancillary equipment, the Little Learners Groups engages the following Maintenance and Cleaning schedule:

Monthly Maintenance and Cleaning schedule:

  • All Artificial Grass is vacuumed and water blast cleaned.  On completion, all the grass area is disinfected with Dettol.
  • All sandpits are raked and turned.
  • All fixed play equipment and bikes/scooters are cleaned and disinfected with Dettol.
  • All mobile play equipment are cleaned and disinfected with Dettol.
  • All footpaths and cubby houses / balance Beams and associated equipment are cleaned and disinfected with Dettol.

Quarterly Maintenance and Cleaning regime:

  • All Sandpits are “topped up” with new sand – and the sand is raked and turned.
  • All the mulch is “topped up”, raked and disinfected with Dettol.
  • All woodwork “Arbours, balance beams, walkways, and rest areas” are inspected (repaired if necessary) and re stained.
  • All plants and rock work is inspected and repaired/replaced where appropriate.
  • All outdoor play equipment is inspected, cleaned and disinfected with Dettol.
  • All outdoor shade cloth is inspected, cleaned.

NB:  In addition to the above, The Little Learners Group employs a local Gardener / Handy Man to look after daily maintenance requirements.

At the Little Learners Group – our aim is to provide a safe, happy and hygienic environment to assist our children to learn and develop.  We believe that “one of the points of difference” between the Little Learners Group and other centres is our “No Compromise” policy on hygiene – a clean and healthy centre creates an environment for healthy minds.  We believe that every child has the right to grow up and to live, learn and play in a healthy environment.